Imagine bringing pieces of fabrics and turning them to beautiful clothing. Imagine walking in and leaving with African goodness in your shopping carts. We offer tailoring services and ready to wear, styling consultation and retail of beautiful/high quality Ankara fabrics.

Our advantages

Why you should choose us

  • What you ORDER is what you GET.
  • We value you. We put you first
  • We keep to time as long as you meet our requirements.
  • You get value for your money.
  • We are detailed and our finishing is excellent.
  • Only original fabrics and sewing materials are used.
  • We guarantee you’ll stand out when you wear our piece

About us

Who We Are

Yadah ahfreekah is an afro-centric fashion brand aimed at telling the African story with clothes.
Yadah ahfreekah (extend your hands Africa) simply tells the story of the rise of African inspired fashion.

We are here, to cloth the world with African glory, beauty and splendor, to color fashion runways with the radiance of African fabrics, to grace every event with a yadah ahfreekahn, standing tall in bespoke pieces one person at a time.

Our clothes tell of the freedom journey, the pride of a people resilient, creative and excellent.
At Yadah ahfreekah, you get more than you ask for!!!

Yes!!! From the streets to boardrooms, to fashion runways and to party halls filled with excited people, Yadah Ahfreekah wants to make one person who stands out. That one person: YOU!!! You read right, we want to make you that one person.

Words from the CEO

Hi. Thank you for visiting our E-store. It is my dream to have you look your best and confident. It is my dream to give African fabrics and fashion life. It is my dream that you wear clothes that give you satisfaction whilst you tell the African story of freedom.
You are why I am here.
You are why I do this. You are why I give my all.
Just to say I love to work with you. Wherever you’re from, whatever color or shape you come in, I am prepared for you.
I want to tell the African story with your clothes!!!
Much love from me to you!!!

Yadah's signature

Agaga Praise Kukeurim (Yadah)

CEO Yadahahfreekah


Hundreds of satisfied customers


Imagine having to just pick the design of African pieces and have it delivered in almost no time!! Yes. We have made that imagination a reality.
A quick fix for your outing needs. Our ready to wear collections!

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