Training packages

We have packages that suit your budget, time allowance and dream. Feel free to join any of your choices!!!

Summer Classes For Students

Duration: 6 Weeks (mid-July – 1st week of September)

₦ 20,000

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  • manual machine operation
  • pattern/sewing of straight skirt
  • pattern/sewing of simple blouses
  • pattern/sewing of different sleeves
  • pattern/sewing of simple dresses
  • Pattern/sewing of shorts


Duration: 1 Year

₦ 150,000

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  • Manual/industrial machine operation
  • Cutting/sewing skirts (straight, pieces, flared, mermaid, Gathered, pleated)
  • Cutting/sewing blouses (corporate, casual,peplum, straight)
  • Breast padding
  • Cutting/sewing dresses (straight, mermaid, pieces, flared)
  • Male/female trousers.
  • Male outfit.
  • Fashion illustration
  • Fashion business branding.
  • Ready to wear/starting your own clothing line